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Stuff For Your Kids

Song Lyrics
Click on the song title for a printable PDF version of your favorite song!

Poem of the Month
This month’s poem is “The Backwards Band” featured on the CD “ A Big Taste of PIE”.

Activity Pages
Each month we have 2 new printable activity pages for you and your child to enjoy. This month’s features are:

  1. Musical Words
    How many musical words do you see? Color your favorite pictures, too!
  2. Decorate the Guitar
    Use your imagination and decorate your own guitar like a rock star!
  3. Running
    What does Rabbit need to run, "The Big Race"?
  4. Musical Maze
    Help our lost conductor find the stage.
  5. What's He Playing?
    Connect the dots to discover the mystery instrument!
  6. Count the Circles
    How many circles can you find hidden in the drum set?