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To create the best products possible, we stay on top of the latest developments in children's music and art learning. We know how busy parents and kid champions can be, so we share the most useful highlights with you.

Clues that Your Child is Learning About Music

Here are some simple clues to help you recognize when your child is learning:

Your child is becoming increasingly interested in music when they…

  • Pay attention to the music, whether dancing, bobbing their heads, or listening enraptured
  • Prefer to have the music repeated for them multiple times
  • Tap rhythms or attempt vocalizing music from memory

Your child is learning about rhythm and tempo when they…

  • Tap the beat of a song with their hands or ‘drumsticks’
  • Speed up or slow down the rate of tapping with their ‘drumsticks’
  • Move their body in any way to the pulse of the music

Your child is learning about melody and harmony when they…

  • Sing to the music
  • Recall songs from memory and ask for them to be played