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Poem Of The Month

The Girl and Her Flute

There once was a girl
And when she turned five
She was given a flute
As a birthday prize

But she didnít know much
About flutes or their worth
So she used that new flute
To dig in the earth

She used that poor flute
As a hat and a spoon
And she liked to hit
Small rocks to the moon

Because she didnít know
What that flute could do
She used it to help
Her mother cook stew

But then, one day,
While playing in the sun
She heard something different
And wonderful and fun

There, on a bench
Sitting peacefully alone
Was a boy with a flute
That resembled her own

But the boy wasnít scratching
His back with the flute
Or using the tip
To clean off his boot

He was holding one end
Of the flute to his mouth
And when he blew inÖ
Music came out

Like a birdís singing voice
In the warm afternoon
His fingers danced lightly
As they played out the tune

At last, the girl knew
What her flute was made for
So she went home and practiced
And practiced some more

And from that day on
The girl loved to play
And learned to make
Beautiful music each day